About Us

These dogs have been around for quite a while.  Ray Kovac has been breeding  hunting dogs for over 30 years.  He's had over 4 World chanmpions. He also had the first 4-way super grand champion in the National Kennel club, as well as the first ever super grand show champion.
We raise Treeing Curs, which are bred to be natural hard-hunting tree dogs .
Ray Kovac decided to breed treeing curs to make a hunting dog that could be bred based on their hunting abilities and not be restricted by strict breed standards put on other american hunting dogs. because most american hunting dogs and almost all american Racoon and Squirrel hunting dog breeds are under 100 years old and in order to have a strict breed standard in breeds this young requires excisive inbreeding and creates a genetic time bomb of diesease and health promblems. He has not however lost any  of his strict ethics when it came to selecting and breeding for top quality hunting ability in these dogs as well as breeding for dogs who will reproduce ability to the next generation and not hesitating when it comes to his strict culling program. Their are to many dogs in this world to bring in any more that are of poor quailty and that don't serve the puropose they were bred for. We hold strong to our word that if your dog doesnt tree by 10 months we will take the dog back and return your money  
Millie Schmidt has been heavly involved in hunting dogs since she was 11 years old and recieved her first dog Amazing Grizzly from Ray Kovac at 14 years old and at 15 Won the NKC World Youth Squirrel Championship, World Youth Reserve Night Championship, and World Youth Combonation dog with Amazing Grizzly. after 8 years of mentoring under Ray Kovac, She is now ready to begin her own breeding program, and run the kennels. She is aslo attending college with hopes of running her own frozen semen storage and collection buisness for dogs and livestock.