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Grizzly is truly a dog like no other.  He's the embodiment of the old-time cur dogs. He'll ride along in the farm truck and help out with chores, herd livestock with the  gentleness of a lamb, and burn up the woods like a lion.  He's an incredible tree dog with a loud chopping tree that you'll never forget.  He's a very accurate and honest dog  You could train a pup wih him and know that pup will not be led wrong.  Grizzly has an intellegence and obedience about him both in and out of the woods, that you feel like you're hunting with a partner and a friend, and not just a hunting dog. 
When hunting squirrel, Grizzly's silent on track and has a very nice loud chop on the tree.  If a squirrel timbers out on him, you can bet your bottom dollar he'll be right there with it by both sight and whining.  Grizz can timber a squirrel with the best of them.  If grizzly trees, you know there is a squirrel in that tree.
When hunting raccoon, Grizzly is semi-open to open on track with a screaming loud bawl for a locate and a beautiful turnover to a HARD Chop on the tree.  I mean slober mouth, drown other dogs out hard.  And if Grizzly strikes, he'll put a tree on the end of his track.  We're located in the Ozarks of Missouri and here the terrain is tough and the coons are tougher.  Most of the raccons where Grizzly hunts are tough ridge-running Boer coon where a track under 600 yrds is a short lay up. Grizzly knows how to work some very hard tracks and put up the coons.

Accompli shme nts

  • At 7 months, won UKC MO State Res SQ Ch 
  • At 9 months, won NKC Youth World SQ CH
  • At 9 months, won NKC Youth World Res Nite CH 
  • At 9 months, won NKC Youth World CH Combination Dog
  • At 9 months, became an NKC squirrel champion in only 3 hunts with two 1st place wins
  • At 1 year, won 3rd place in the treeing contest at the NKC World Hunt 
  • At 1 year, won 8th place in the Night hunt at NKC World Hunt (was second in the cast by very few points and the cast winner went on to win RES WORLD NIGHT CH
  • As an NKC Show Champion
Grizzly's been to so few events in his lifetime, its not fair to judge him on his short list of accomplisments.  He's been to less then a dozen events in his entire life. 

Stud Fee
Not available for stud
Grizzly is no longer with us 

we do have a direct son of Grizzly
Kovacs Amazing Ghost who is currently up for stud at our kennels
Amazing Grizzly is payed up and is a super stakes sire for

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Rock River Sackett JR
Kovac's Amazing Star
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Amazing Grizzly / Katidid litter (born May - 10 - 2015)
Amazing Grizzly / Katidid litter (Due Nov 24,  2015)